Everything you need to know about Megamillions​



What else could be a better way of refreshing your mind and having fun? A place where you can refresh your mind and can make money as well. Megamillions is a very nice game. It was started on August 31, 1996. It was initially started in Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Virginia. In the year 1997, there was an exciting growth in this game. So, I guess the Megamillions at Xo Lotto would be a very nice choice to play. 

When the Megamillions draw is held? 


 Megamillions is one of the most famous lotteries in America since it has launched. The history says it has the jackpots reaching an amount of $1,60,00,00,000.00. The megamillions draw is held twice every week on Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 PM EST. At your local time, it would be on Wednesday and Saturday at 08:30 AM. The best part about this megamillions draw is that there is a guarantee of a jackpot worth a minimum of $4,00,00,000.00. So, don’t even think of missing it. 


How to play the Mega Millions draw?


This draw is simple to play. There is no rocket science. You have to select five numbers from a grid that has numbers from 1-70. Select one more number from the range 1-25, known as mega ball, for every line you will play. In a single line of megamillions, there are six numbers. There is a quick-pick feature that allows you to pick all the numbers of a line at once. 


If one additional mega ball number and five regular number matches, then congratulations! You have just won the super-duper Megamillions jackpot. There are nine prize tiers in the Megamillions which you can win.  


How to buy Megamillions? 


You can easily buy Megamillion online entries with an XO Lotto account. You can do this online. Just follow the following steps: -


1.      Sign in to your Xo Lotto account. If you don’t have an account, then create one. 

2.     Go to the Megamillions lottery page. 

3.     Pick your numbers and hit “Click Now.”

4.     Now you can buy your Megamillion lottery tickets before thirty minutes of draw cut-off time at Xo Lotto. 


Why the Megamillions at Xo Lotto?


The Xo Lotto is a very easy and safe platform to play. The Xo Lotto offers many opportunities to take part in the biggest lottery jackpots all around the world. Xo Lotto offers many great features, which makes playing lotteries more fun. It offers you the feature of picking all your favorite numbers at once. It also offers a service of weekly subscription, which is very exciting. Xo Lotto is a great platform to play Megamillions lottery and others as well.